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Project Overview :

Conversion of a heritage-significant building in the Sydney CBD into a 152-room boutique hotel.

The converted Federation Warehouse building will comprise eight floors in total – five existing storeys and three new. Apart from the original building’s distinctive, red face-brickwork façade, the new building will feature a striking curvilinear zinc roof wrapped around the corner of the L-shaped site it occupies.

The project comes with some key challenges. From a construction perspective, the building is situated within the very busy thoroughfare of Liverpool Street. The narrowness of the lanes that bound the site's two other accessible frontages means particular attention will need to be given to materials handling, logistics and traffic control.

The existing load-bearing, multi-storey timber structure poses another challenge. Together with Construction Profile’s buildability knowledge, significant input from the project’s structural and fire engineers are needed to achieve a compliant and safe building, including critically, safety during the demolition and construction phase.

Finally, a high-level of conservation management is required for both the exterior and the interior of the structure, which was constructed in stages between 1901 and 1907. This work will be undertaken in conjunction with our heritage consultant and implemented under the guidance of the City of Sydney’s heritage specialist.

Architect :

JSA Studio

Project Type :


Status :