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Project Overview :

An 8-storey residential development featuring 18 luxuriously-appointed apartments and a ground floor with a small retail space, entrance foyer and car parking facilities. An additional basement level for storage, waste management and building services completes the development.

The timber-decked rooftop garden is divided into communal and private BBQ areas. The private area is exclusive to the three-bedroom penthouse and includes a plunge pool.

The car park employs a car stacker and vehicle turntable to accommodate 9 parking spaces, including one which is accessible.

Koichi Takada Architects’ design concept of an “undulating glass and screened façade that sits like a soaring bamboo forest in the streetscape” is a manifestation of its vision of a “Japanese aesthetic that blurs the lines between inside and out”. The site’s small footprint meant that to maintain this vision, the design had to be extensively fire-engineered. A central feature of the design is the screened circulation stair that spirals its way up the front façade of the building. This single, unenclosed staircase also serves as the building’s fire egress pathway for the building’s residents.

The beautiful but complex design required significant value engineering input from Construction Profile to bring the project into line from a budget perspective.

The project will be built in two stages and will involve the installation of extensive high-spec finishes, faux-timber elements and precast concrete cladding. The constrained site will require clever logistics, traffic management and materials handling.

Construction Profile very much look forward to seeing this wonderfully designed building take shape over the coming year.

Architect :

Koichi Takada Architects

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Status :