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News Overview :

After moving many tons of earth, Construction Profile has finally reached the bottom of the hole that will eventually house the 49-space car stacker of Grocon’s Twenty95 Manly development.

The deep excavation involved months of hard work and the use of a relatively new shoring method in the construction industry – Coates Hire’s Mega Brace hydraulic strutting system.

With the bottoming-out and the slab-on-ground completed, we proceeded to erect the site’s tower crane, which will be a feature of Manly’s skyline for many months to come. The installation of the crane went like clockwork, which in this case equated to the witching hours of a Sunday night and early Monday morning. For this we have our staff – Gus, Julian, Matthew, Chad, Ahmad and Muhammad – to thank for their weeks of preparation and attendance on site.

A special shout-out also goes to Kraneworx, our tower crane partner, who displayed professionalism and organisation skills that exceeded our own high expectations, which is no mean feat.

The standing of the tower crane marks a significant milestone for the project and is a key step in our efforts to “get out of the ground”.