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News Overview :

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are now working with respected inner-Sydney developer, the Milligan Group and Milligan Northern Investments, on their Clarion Residences project. As ECI Contractor we will be part of a team that includes architect, SJB and structural engineer, TTW.

With our advice on buildability and value management, the team will be collaborating to optimise the funds and resources it takes to deliver the developer’s vision for the project.

Clarion is a mixed-use development in the increasingly gentrified suburb of Alexandria. It is conceived as two separate six-storey buildings that share a common ground floor and are connected again on the fourth floor, where most of the building’s communal facilities are.

While the ground floor contains lift lobbies, street-level car parking and a retail space that activates the adjacent streets, the upper levels are where the developer’s vision is mostly concentrated. These levels accommodate 18 three-bedroom residences designed by SJB to look and feel like houses. This is achieved via features such as 3m-high ceilings, fireplaces, tactile/sensual finishes and green vistas of internal courtyards and neighbouring trees.

Clarion adds to our stable of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) appointments, where clients are increasingly coming to us early in the development cycle to see how we can help them achieve maximum ‘value for money’. It is very encouraging to see that the market appreciates our building knowledge, deep experience and network of subcontractors with the right price points.

We look forward to a delivering a successful project for our valued client and bringing to reality their vision of ‘houses’ in an apartment complex.

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