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News Overview :

Construction Profile is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract to build Calibre by our valued client, ICON Oceania.

Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, Calibre is an apartment development in Surry Hills over 8 levels and features 18 luxuriously-appointed apartments, retail space on the ground level and a rooftop with communal facilities. Sticking to its design concept of an “undulating glass and screened façade that sits like a soaring bamboo forest in the streetscape”, the architect worked tirelessly to procure approval for an extensively fire-engineered building that has as its central feature, a screened staircase that spirals its way up the front of the building. What is remarkable is the fact that this unenclosed staircase also serves as the sole fire egress pathway for the building’s occupants.

This was a hard-won project by CP, but our motto of being flexible, reasonable and professional, ultimately shone through.

We have now done a full lap of all the locations we had hoped to work in - from our first project in sunny Queensland, back to Parramatta, and then on to Neutral Bay, Manly, the Sydney CBD and now, right at our doorstep, Surry Hills - all in the space of less than 5 years.

We look forward to bringing to reality this innovative and beautiful design.

Link to further project details